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Link Between Gut Bacteria and Anxiety

Link Between Gut Bacteria and Anxiety

Having a healthy gut can benefit you in several ways. It eliminates certain health issues such as skin concerns, cardiovascular diseases, memory degradation and depression. With this, it is important to note the symptoms of having an unhealthy gut.


Signs of Having an Unhealthy Gut

It is important to check if you are experiencing signs of unhealthy gut. This is to prevent further health issues that may arise. Examine the following signs that you may experience should you have an unhealthy gut.


  • Sensitivities or allergies from food
  • Anxiety and depression
  • Diabetes and related symptoms
  • Bloating, diarrhea, and other digestive tract related concerns
  • Eczema, Rosacea, and other skin diseases
  • Poor or slow memory recognition
  • Immunity diseases and other infections


Relation of Unhealthy Gut with Anxiety and Depression

Your gut and brain are connected by a nerve called Vagus nerve. It spans from your brain stem through your neck and abdomen. This nerve is in-charge of supplying motor fibers to all your organs from neck to colon. It aids in regulating speech, heart rate and other gastrointestinal purposes.


There are recent researches whose findings show that the microbiota or your gut influences your behavior and brain chemistry. If you are suffering from bloating, cramp, irritable movement of bowel and constipation most of the time, you are more likely to experience anxiety and depression.


The gut microbiota affects the production of dopamine and serotonin in your brain. Serotonin provides you the general feeling of wellness. It contributes to your happiness feelings. Thus, if production of these are stalled, the chances of acquiring anxiety and depression are high.



How to Keep You Gut Healthy

Keeping your gut healthy is essential as it provides several benefits for your mind and body. Since it was known to aid in reducing the risk of depression, you are recommended to maintain a healthy gut. Here are some tips and activities that you need to observe to keep your gut healthy.


  1. Follow a diet that makes use of different foods

In general, dieticians suggest that you eat whole food that are from a variety of food groups. Foods that come from plants are great in eliminating health issues in your gut.

Having a high fiber diet can eliminate risk of acquiring imbalance in gut microbiome. You can eat foods that are high in fiber such as brown rice, beans, and barley.


  1. Eat starchy food

Gut bacteria are commonly seen in huge bowels. You gut needs foods that have resistant starch, also known as RS. RS are known to resist digestion. It serves as nourishment or food for the bacteria in your gut.

According to studies, upon exposing the healthy bacteria with resistant starch, the fibers are broken down to chemicals. This process is also known as fermentation of bacteria. These chemicals nourish the cells and alleviate the inflammation of tissues. With this, the intestine and tissues maintain their natural healthy state.


  1. Avoid eating junk foods

Junk foods can add negative effects to your gut. Along with stress and low fiber diet, junk food is harmful to your gut. It increases the chances of acquiring bad bacteria in your gut. Thus, eating good food shall aid in keeping your gut healthy.

With a healthier gut, there are lower chances of acquiring cardiovascular-related diseases as well as anxiety and depression. It also presents benefits in your immunity, giving you an edge in keeping your mind and body healthy. It also assists in preventing weight gain that is excessive.


Follow these simple steps not only to achieve a healthier gut, but improve your mental health as well.


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