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6 Ways To Stay Healthy During The Holidays

6 Ways To Stay Healthy During The Holidays

As the holidays approach, so does flu season. It’s unfortunate, but true. There’s nothing worse than falling ill with a cold or the flu with the holidays coming! There are so many fun activities. You don’t want to miss tree decorating, shopping, or cookie samplings. These 7 ways to stay healthy during the holidays can keep you feeling well throughout the entire holiday season.

1. Hydrate


You were probably told all summer long to keep drinking water to avoid heat exhaustion. The same holds true in the winter. In the winter, you should still drink about a gallon of water every day.


Here’s why. Dehydration can still happen in the winter. The scary part is that you may not even realize it! By now, you’ve probably cut on your heat for the winter. That generates “dry heat.” This is the culprit that may cause chapped lips and flaky skin.


Drinking water keeps you hydrated from the inside out. This hydration keeps your nasal and sinus passages as well as your throat healthy. This helps you resist the dry, itchy feeling that you get before you get that dreaded sinus infection or cold.


Long story short, water is the key to hydration in the winter. A hydrated body can better fight colds and sinus infections that can keep you down for days.


2. Increase Your Vitamin C


Remember when your Mom used to make you drink your OJ when you were sick? Turns out, she was right!


Vitamin C is an anti-oxidant. This means that it can fight free radicals in the environment. Thus, this vitamin can boost your immune system by fighting those free radicals, which cause damage on a cellular level.


Taking Vitamin C supplements keeps your body in optimal health, and ready to fight the good fight against those free radicals. However, Vitamin C is not produced by the human body. You need to get it from dietary supplements or food sources like the OJ that Mom made you drink.


Foods high in Vitamin C include:


  • Oranges
  • Limes
  • Berries
  • Tomatoes
  • Broccoli
  • Spinach


So pour yourself a glass of refreshing orange juice, and drink to your immune system!


3. Decrease Your Alcohol Consumption


The holidays are a time when the liquor flows freely and there’s always a party!


Alcohol is the opposite of water. Water hyrates. Alcohol dehydrates.


For the same reason that you need to increase your water consumption, you need to decrease your alcohol consumption to feel well. On the bright side, you won’t wake up with a raging hangover!


4. Get The Flu Vaccine


Do you dread getting shots?  Most pharmacies will inject you with no appointment. Plus, most insurance companies cover this at 100%.


Why do they cover this vaccine? Because it works! It’s cheaper for the insurance company to cover this injection than to pick up the cost of doctor appointments and prescriptions once you actually do get the flu.


Adjust this same line of thinking to you…if you have that flu shot, you can stay out with your friends and family instead of home in bed with a bug.


5. Eat Well (When You Can!)


The holiday are a time of high-carb treats and heavy gravy-laden meals. In general, you’re just prone to eating unhealthily during the holidays. You feel obligated to taste a little of everything put on the holiday buffet because you don’t want to offend.


Even though it’s hard to say no, look at those overindulgent meals as an occasional treat. On the days that you CAN eat healthy, please do so. Try to replace carbs with high-protein, low-fat snacks and meals whenever it’s possible.


Not only will you feel better, it can help prevent holiday weight gain. Sadly, it only takes a week or two of overindulging to put on 10 pounds, and 3 months to take it back off!


6. Wear Your Seatbelt


It’s very sad, but your odds of being in a car accident increase during the holidays. You’re driving to parties, shopping, or home for visits. This extra time in the car, combined with people out partying, increases your odds of being in a wreck.


While a seat belt can’t guarantee that you won’t encounter a drunk driver, wearing one will increase your odds of surviving a crash. And I can’t think of a better way to keep yourself well.



Have fun this holiday season. Feast and drink in moderation. Keep drinking that water and OJ. Protect yourself from germs. Wear your seatbelt. May you ring in 2018 in perfect health when you follow these 7 tips to keep healthy during

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