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With locations all over the United States, we are able to service our patients better. Feel free to contact your local pharmacy directly, or call our main line, and we will point you in the right direction.
7779 Starkey Rd.,
Seminole, FL 33777
Phone 727-381-9799
Fax 727-347-2050
Hours: 9am-5:30pm (M-F)

New York
863 Fairmount Ave
Jamestown, NY 14701
Phone 716-484-1586
Fax 716-488-0073
Hours: 9am-5:30pm (M-F)

2936 W 17th St,
Erie, PA 16505
Phone 814-838-2102
Fax 814-838-2103
Hours: 8:30am-6:30pm (M-F), 9am-1pm (Sat)

South Carolina
640 Congaree Rd,
Greenville, SC 29607
Phone 864-241-0477
Fax 864-241-0843
Hours: 9am-5:30pm (M-F)

8687 Louetta Rd, Suite 150,
Spring, TX 77379
Phone 281-251-0888
Fax 281-251-0889
Hours: 9am-5:30pm (M-F)

4001 Virginia Beach Blvd #110
Virginia Beach, VA 23452
Phone 757-934-0533
Fax 757-228-3991
Hours: 9am-5:30pm (M-F)

Corporate Headquarters
2535 Johns Place
Jamestown, NY 14701
Phone 716-720-5121
Fax 716-708-6248
Hours: 8:30am-5pm (M-F)



It surprises many people to learn that there is a close relationship between sleep and your gut health. Your gut has a major impact on the quality of your sleep, leaving you feeling dazed and exhausted. Likewise, when you’re sleepy, your gut can start to feel out of sorts. It can turn into a cycle that perpetuates itself in a cycle of feeling sluggish if...

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Your lifestyle and food intake affect the health of your digestive system. With this, it important to partake on steps to aid in its improvement. Here are six tips which you can follow to improve your digestive health.     1. Avoid high-fat foods   Fatty foods may slow down your digestion process. With this, you are prone in experiencing constipation. With this, it is essential to cut foods with...

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Having a healthy gut can benefit you in several ways. It eliminates certain health issues such as skin concerns, cardiovascular diseases, memory degradation and depression. With this, it is important to note the symptoms of having an unhealthy gut.   Signs of Having an Unhealthy Gut It is important to check if you are experiencing signs of unhealthy gut. This is to prevent further health issues that may...

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